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Things I've Built

  • Proposal Archive Page Example
  • RabbitHole Metagovernance Documentation

    A standardized archive for metagovernance voting activity. Built in Markdown and deployed on GitBook.

Links & Resources

This stuff probably isn't useful to you, but it's here if you want it. 🤷

My Clarity Base

Find all my docs, link libraries and ongoing work on my token-gated Clarity base.
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My Discord Server

Want to get in touch real-time? Follow me on Twitter or Lens to access my gated Discord server.
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Social Token ($RATHER)

If we've worked together in the past, you can claim $RATHER tokens to access my token-gated spaces.

NFT Membership Pass

No $RATHER tokens? No problem. You can purchase a seasonal membership pass for 10 $MATIC.
Runs on Unicorn Platform